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Overview, our first e-commerce retail and merchandising platform, enables the commercialisation of many unique products from our advanced design and manufacturing processes. This platform is highly available for our customers, 24/7. is a product of our quest to fulfil the needs of modern consumers, who look for variations of choice in design and art, and require quality products with designs that resonate emotionally with them. Such insatiable and complex needs have always eluded even the greatest designers and manufacturers today. primarily serves the Singapore market, while also ships our products to more than 100 countries and cities worldwide. A very large proportion of our customer base consists of millennials and generation Z, which we refer collectively as MillennialZs.

MillennialZs have a growing spending power, and they are known to have product preferences that are complex and unpredictable. We have studied MillennialZs’ behaviours extensively and we, as millennials ourselves, are surprised to discover that the terms “complex” and “unpredictable” are in fact an understatement.

MillennialZs are very demanding, as they are less patient and are very used to: “I see it, I like it, I want it, I get it”. To cater to such high demands, it requires a total rethink and a fully-integrated front and back-end system.

“MillennialZs are very demanding, as they are less patient and are very used to: “I see it, I like it, I want it, I get it”.”

Fully-Integrated Front & Back-End is fully-integrated with our proprietary Deep Technology, Design, Advanced Manufacturing, E-Commerce (DDAE) back-end system built on the Native Industry 4.0 Framework (NI4F), which allows the platform to provide an almost infinite amount of product choice for our customers, as well as handle the complexity and unpredictability of our customers’ choices with relative ease.

The core principle is quite simple. We do not try to predict what our customers want. We provide an almost infinite and ever-increasing amount of unique choices, coupled with an ever-adapting pool of designs and products that evolve with changing consumer tastes, requirements and feedbacks.

Being natively cloud-based, our customers can place their orders anytime, anywhere, and our integrated system guarantees that all products on will never be “Out-of-Stock”. Customers can place an order instantaneously, and all orders can enjoy ultra-fast turnaround times, typically shipping out from our warehouse within 1 to 3 business days.

Best of all, there is negligible increase in production or inventory costs, and material wastage is minimal.

Wholesale Channel

Due to the nature of a fully-integrated system, also serves as the platform for our wholesale customers. As we are able to cater to any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), we use this platform to send out quotations of any order size. Wholesale customers are able to directly pay via this platform, saving a large amount of time and hassle.

Data Analytics allows us to serve our customers directly. Being a digital platform, we have access to a full range of anonymised consumer behaviour data to be fed back into our design, manufacturing, sales and marketing processes. In addition, consumers can provide direct feedback to us on their interests and preferences so that we can create designs and products that are timely and meaningful to them.

Collaboration Platform

As the saying goes ‘己立立人,己达达人’, which loosely translates to ‘win-win’. also serves as a merchandising platform for our business to collaborate with artists to create Featured Artist Collections.

Through our platform, Featured Artists do not have to fork out a single cent in terms of cost, yet they can earn a portion of the sales proceeds of their designs as commission. This has enabled the gig economy for aspiring artists young and old, and we are glad to be able to share our resources with them.

Broad Product Range

The first product that was introduced on is designer phone cases, which we launched with more than 200,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). Phone cases were chosen as the first product to commercialise as it is a practical product that everybody needs, while there is no dominant supplier in the industry capable of supplying a broad range of designs for a large number of different phone models.

Based on the experience and knowledge gained from launching phone cases, we have since branched into many other products such as designer magnets, coasters, cardholders etc.

We are constantly developing many new products. We are excited to share some sneak peaks on what is to come: