Commercial Printing

High-Speed Green Digital Printing

To ensure uphold our high standards for speed-to-market, agility and product quality, we have invested heavily in our high-speed, green and digital printing systems to commercialise our artworks into actual products. As a company without legacy issues, we are able to scour the industry for suitable, modern, efficient, green and cost-effective digital production solutions. 

As mentioned in the Native Industry 4.0 Framework (NI4F) section, to ensure 100% product match with consumer demand, we are only able to start the manufacturing after the order has been confirmed and paid, and the final product needs to be shipped out within 1 business day of order confirmation.

To do this for our more than 200,000 SKUs, we needed to find a printing system that is agile, cost-effective, digital yet with extreme fast turnaround. And in line with our purpose of a better future, this printing system needed to be green and environmentally friendly.

After much research & development, we found UV inkjet flat-bed printing to be the best solution to convert our database of designs into physical products. UV printing is a process where the ultraviolet light is used to create a photochemical reaction that directly polymerises the ink. Essentially, the print is cured with UV light, without the need of solvent or additional drying process.

We deploy the latest UV printing technology utilising UV LED curing, which has very low energy consumption. LED also does not generate excessive heat, hence it does not do any damage to the material. As these UV inkjet printing does not require any print-plate, the printing time is massively reduced which enables high volume, high-mix-on-demand production. With our system, we are able to complete the final product within minutes.

Our systems are natively digital, which makes future automation much easier. In addition, the digital data enables accurate color matching and high quality prints at 1440dpi. Furthermore, our products are scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant and water-resistant.

One of the most important advantages is that this technology can be deployed on a wide array of products regardless of hard or soft surfaces. It can also be used on acrylic, wood, glass, cloth, rubber, metal etc as the ink is flexible and does not break when stretched. 

The UV printing process is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. As the ink does not require any solvent and is cured as soon as it is applied, it does not release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or toxic fumes. This technology has almost zero carbon footprint. In addition, our phone cases and related products are made from polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which are 100% recyclable.

With advancements in printing technologies couple with a radical rethink in integrating UV printing into our business processes, we have designed and deploy an ultra-responsive manufacturing system with the full flexibility to cater to a wide range of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). This has enabled us to cater to ever-changing consumer demand and taste, and yet being environmentally friendly.

The video below shows one of our commercial printers in action: