In January, when we heard of the term Novel Coronavirus, we asked ourselves, what can we do? We believe so much in a better future for our world, what can we do to help our world tie through this pandemic?

After much research and development, we managed to re-tool our Advanced Manufacturing processes and we are now working with various Singapore government agencies to develop and manufacture 3D-printed face masks and other relevant medical supplies that are in huge shortage.

Due to severe supply chain disruptions, we have also been approached by essential services such as the food sector to manufacture various items that are experiencing severe shortages.

Seeing so many lives lost daily breaks our hearts. We are pumping all our resources into the research and development and manufacturing of more products to help resolve the supply chain disruptions caused by this pandemic.

We believe in the power of our world, the strength in humanity, and the creativity of our people. Let’s stay united for a better future!