Digital & 3D Design

Digital & 3D Design

The Renaissance was one of the most creative periods in human history with the emergence of great artisans like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. We believe our world may now be at the beginning of the Global Renaissance 2.0. 

Driven by intense competition and democratization of creative tools, there are many huge innovations happening and the line between art and science is starting to blur again. In addition, the millennial and younger generation grew up exposed to art and music, making them appreciative of creative works.

Our company is poised to ride this wave. We have our own in-house team of designers creating designs for different markets. Our designs are natively digital, drawn with a very modular design approach. The modular design approach of our artworks is inspired by modern engineering systems, where each module can be independently created, modified or replaced, and different layers of artworks can be manipulated and permutated to give very contrasting and interesting results.

Our huge database of artworks as well as consumer preference data serve as an excellent training set for our Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. Both human and AI work hand in hand to bring out the best work with the highest efficiency. Art is not valuable without human context and meaning, while machines help improve the efficiency and covers the mundane work.

And as we have integrated the design, manufacturing and retail all under one roof, we are able to achieve an impressive and unprecedented speed of market of 0.5 days. A perfect example is our ‘Is it because’ phone case design series. There was an incident in Singapore that caught on social media with the phrase ‘Is it because I am Chinese’. Customers immediately fed back to us that this incident really struck a chord with them. Seeing the huge amount of requests, we designed a series of phone cases with catchy designs such as ‘Is it because I am chio’, ‘Is it because I am handsome’, ‘Is it because I am _____ (fill in the blank)’. Customers were able to receive their phone cases the very next day. This series sold very well as it was a direct response to our customers’ demand.