Inventory & Fulfilment

Simple Digital Decoupled
Inventory & Fulfilment (SDDIF) System

We have the world’s largest selection and inventory of designer phone cases and various other designer products. We are managing more than 200,000 SKUs (and ever-growing daily) with an Equivalent Inventory Value (EIV) or Worth of “Choice” of $1.6B (and growing too). On average, all of our items are fulfiled from our warehouse within 1 to 2 business days.

Due to the sheer amount of SKUs and our fast turnabout time, our inventory and fulfilment processes require a very advanced system to handle. However, there is no suitable and cost-effective turn-key solution in the market.

We had to reinvent a brand new custom inventory and fulfilment management system, which required a paradigm shift in process design thinking. This resulted in the invention of the Simple Digital Decoupled Inventory & Fulfilment (SDDIF) system. This system is simple yet very effective in handling large SKUs, and is an ingenious combination of rethinking and smart usage of technologies to enable our business in upholding the high service levels for our customers. SDDIF has work very well since its introduction.

The founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad says it best, “Expensive solutions to any kind of problem are usually the work of mediocrity”. We have invented the cost-effective and lean SDDIF system without the need for billions of dollars of investments.