Video Cinematography

Video Cinematography

Visual art is a very integral part of our business model. We always believe that the most powerful and attractive designs are the ones that resonate emotionally with our customers. Such designs and products deserve the best ways of marketing and presenting them to customers. Hence, we have invested in state-of-the-art videography capabilities to be able to tell the story behind our designs.

Here is a one of our cinematics showcasing our design, “People Mountain People Sea”, shot in UHD 4K resolution with advanced image stabilisation:

The video industry has leapfrogged in the recent 5 years, with the introduction of many game-changing production standards, technologies, tools, softwares and codecs.

4K and 8K videography have changed the face of cinematography, with mainstream platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV and YouTube advocating 4K videos and movies. High Dynamic Range (HDR) has enabled creatives like us to present image and colour details that were not possible before.

Being very particular when it comes to image colour, quality, and sharpness, we do not hold back when it comes to investing in hardware that are changing the motion graphics landscape.

Our most recent video equipment have enabled us to capture videos in full-frame, which allow us to produce videos that can have much better video quality, “creamier” backgrounds that come from much shallower depth-of-fields, as well as superb performance in low light conditions.

New advancements in colour profiles such as S-Cinetone have enabled us to produce cinematics that look film-like, while eliminating the long and tedious post-production process of colour-grading video footages. This has drastically shortened our turnaround times for video production.

Advanced autofocus, especially Eye-Autofocus (Eye-AF), has also allowed us to be less dependent on the focusing skill of the videographer.

The picture below shows one of our setups for shooting video cinematics:

As a company with no legacy issues, we have taken full advantage of the current technological advancements. Who is better to explain the conceptualisation of our artworks than our designers? Enjoy some of our videos that present the meaning behind some of our designs: